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A tradition that Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) does to haze their new pledges. It consists of making each pledge try to drink a gallon of milk within an hour of arriving at the house, always ending in vomiting by the new pledges.

This is also a reference to PIKE's love of sucking dick.
Jeff "Yeah, I just bought 50 gallons of milk for the milk chug tonight for the pledges."

Chris "I hope they give us head right after they throw up!"

Jeff "Attitude check...GO PIKE"

by Kanninto October 03, 2008
A phrase used when you are leaving with no intention of returning. Also used in abandoning a situation, person, or group of people without giving a reason or explanation.
"So your dad went BRB Piss?"

"Yeah, he went out for cigarettes when I was 3 and never came home"
by Kanninto July 06, 2009
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