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2 definitions by Kaninchenfeuer

Someone who thinks being a "gangsta" is cool, but is really a pathetic loser who should be fed through a chipper into a compost heap for selling crack to little children and robbing old ladies etc..
Not to be confused with "gangster", which comes from the Mafia who have at least a small amount of honour.
Mike thinks he is a gangsta, but we all know he likes to be sodomised by his father.

Eminem thinks he is cool, but a chipper awaits him.

We don't have a chipper big enough for all the gangsta rappers in the USA - Somebody get us a mechanical engineer to design us one!!
by Kaninchenfeuer March 14, 2007
Mike Mooney - Sechelt scum, scammer and thief.
Mike Mooney is a dogfeltcher, he liked to take it up the ass in prison, but he was released, so he got a dog and called him Zack.
by Kaninchenfeuer March 14, 2007