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Bonegina is when a girl is so thin, you look down and the inline of her pelvis forms the structure of the vagina. Also can mean a vagina with rows and rows of razor sharp teeth.
"That anorexic girl would be nice to tap."
"No, she has a bonegina."


"What happened to you man?"
"I got my hand stuck in a bonegina, it ate me a-fucking-live."
by Kane-en Ivory Wayens June 15, 2004
A term used to describe sex with a non-virgin. A bamfuck occurs after a kapow
Your mom. Obviously. Oh, and prolly your whore girlfriend.
by Kane-en Ivory Wayens June 16, 2004
The resonating sound of a hymen being split. After that, its just bamfuck. See also bamfuck
"Yeah, I hit that. She was a vestal virgin. It was Kapow!!! And the angels sang..."


"She got kapowed like 5 years ago, now shes just bamfuck, bamfuck."
by Kane-en Ivory Wayens June 16, 2004

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