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Dont be a klawchi
by kane August 31, 2003
John Gotti is an Isaapchi
by kane August 31, 2003
The name u searched DEFINES music (or defined it a few years back ).. ever heard his songs? if no then do try :D

.. hey wait..a lot of people hate him.. srry a lot of jealous ones do..wanna know why? he remained on top during the 80s-90s.. jealousy is inevitable.. but bro/sis reading this def.. simply listen to his songs u'll like them (if u r a music fan not a simple follower of an anti phil Collin person) ..

i wud say that youth of 1980s-90s enjoyed life more than me ..the only reason is that they watched phil collins live :D.. in early 2000s even some tv episodes made fun of him.. who wont..yea.. success is poison only if its not yours// dnt give a damn to what others think...
OMG! its at ur own risk if u become addicted to his most of his songs..like me :P..n remmeber to listen to..
4.ONE MORE NIGHT... phew..rest will be ur task to find out..which u wont avoid once u've heard a few like above ;)
Phil Collins
by kAne March 31, 2013
While a man is having sex with a woman, she farts causing his testicles to swing back and forth; similar to a dog door.
Dude, she gave Tom a doggie door last night.
by Kane October 07, 2004
An acronym for Surpise Cum On Face.
Did you scof her last night? Yea, got her right in the eye.
by Kane April 05, 2004
When a woman is giving a man a blow-job on the tiolet (AKA Blumpkin), the man's poop causes the toilet water to splash into the woman's face.
I had to poop so bad I turned a blumpkin into a splash mountain.
by Kane October 07, 2004
FPS stands for feet per second. generally used to define power and performance in airsoft, bb, and paintball guns. occasionally also used to refer to the speed of a bullet or other projectile.
damn Chris's M-16 AEG shoots at 410 fps but my little shit n00b airsoft spring pistol only shoots at 230 fps. he WASTED me in our last airsoft war.
by Kane May 29, 2004

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