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"man those's po-po's were on my ass"
by kandy October 15, 2003
a female playa
a woman who dates multiple men at a time
Tia goes out with O, Mike and Donny. Yo she is a playette.
by Kandy December 05, 2002
Chewing Gum, bubble gum, and all related food substances.
Gimme sum Chuds will ya?
by Kandy May 20, 2005
reffering to: Muscles, a fit mans muscles.
'Woah, that dudes got FLUMP!'
by Kandy May 27, 2005
the all new word for ANYTHING
that shit is bink!
bink you!!
u stupid bink face
suck my bink!
by kandy October 15, 2003
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