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A very VERY dangerous area of North Philly. The best and most reliable place in the tristate area to pick up really decent heroin, crack, powder coke, benzos, suboxone, needles, weapons, prostitutes or whatever else you might need.

Mostly inhabited by blacks, puerto ricans, junkies of all races, and poor asians. well, actually, everyone who lives there is well under the poverty line. One of the poorest and most impoverished areas in PA and NJ.

Crime ridden. Murders, rapes, drug pushing, assaults, robberies, weapon sales, prostitution, ect happen every 2 seconds in Kensington. It is extremely dangerous there, proceed with caution!

I know firsthand. I lived on the streets there for a pretty long time when I was addicted to heroin and working as a trick.
If you want the best dope around, skip Camden and head to Kensington.

The corner of C and Clearfield streets in Kensington is usually infested with cops, but pretty reliable for having the best dope (ecko, viagra, kangol, cvs, just some examples of the stamp bags there)
by KandAjunkie December 13, 2009
Junkies in Philly wear adidas sandals with white socks year round. i have no idea why. at all.
kensington junkies/crackheads wear overside white tee, adidas sandals with socks, and really long rocawear shorts while they sell works outside of somerset and kensington ave by the el.
by KandAjunkie December 13, 2009
Needles used for injecting street drugs, ex; heroin, coke, ect. I don't know if the term is universal, but that's what we call them in Philly and south Jersey.
Let me get a work, I just bought a couple bags of dope.

I hear John sells works down under the El on Kensington ave now.
by KandAjunkie December 13, 2009

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