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1 definition by Kanakattack

As said in the previous definition, this is the Hawaiian word for "forbidden" and has in recent years come to mean "Keep out" or "no trespassing". However, the ancient Hawaiians had no concept of land ownership. The word has much more meaning than this. It is a reference to the ancient Hawaiian system of laws known as the "Kapu system", which forbade certain things because of a sacredness associated with it. For that reason, it can also mean "sacred", as in it is forbidden because it is so sacred. The Hawaiian version of "taboo".
"You broke the Kapu of bathing yourself in the mountains, you have contaminated our drinking water."

"Eh brah, no can go dea, dat place stay Kapu." (In this instance the translations "forbidden" and "sacred" could be interchangeable)
by Kanakattack January 19, 2012