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(Similar to the G-Virus of Resident Evil)

The zombie-like state which you reside after a day or more on the Greyhound bus, sleeping for five minutes at a time next to someone that smells like an alcohol distillery, and having nothing on your stomach but some Ritz crackers.
"I missed you so much! You look like shit!"
"I've got the G-Virus."

"Wait, she fell asleep in the middle of absence-sex?"
"I can't blame her, man, she'd been awake for three days and had a serious case of the G-Virus."
by Kamrie June 15, 2009
1. Eye-flirting with the driver of the car next to you at a red light, then never seeing the stranger again.

2. Similarly, a romance that lasts a short amount of time with few hard feelings when it ends abruptly.

3. One-night stand
Look, this guy next to you is trying to catch your eye. Give him his little red-light romance.

Brenda: Hey, where's your new beau?
Susan: New beau? Oh, Gods no. Just a little red-light romance.
by Kamrie June 15, 2009

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