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A cartoon that really confuses me because of the fact that Rachel Roth (Raven) doesn't actually manipulate the teen titans, and there has been no scene with her seducing the Flash which was actually part of the early comics made in the 60s or so.

Although true to many ideas and keeping characters within their super power characteristics, the story plot seems to be very off. Something that also confuses me about this story line is how the world actually can't end because the current Flash has the ability to travel in time using his speed.
My life's work will be to open a parallel dimension so that I can take Raven on a date while having god-like super powers that can blow the shit out of things in a real cool way.
by Kamisama July 02, 2005
Metallica is the name of a band which has made many famous songs including the one Enter Sandman.

They are also a bunch of ruthless thugs who shut down Napster and tear up houses with crazy parties before they give it up to the person who just bought it beforehand.
There is proof that Metallica ruined a house before they sold it. We all know about napster too...
by Kamisama August 20, 2005
A feeling of elated euphoria in which the owner has complete control over every action and reaction in the Universe for they fear nothing in themself and others, because they understand everything.
You have to let it all go Neo. Fear, doubt, disbelief. Free your mind.

-Please don't disbelieve-
by Kamisama August 21, 2005

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