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24 definitions by Kamisama

A really fun subject of study used in consideration for blowing the shit out of things. Includes knowledge of chemistry and adaptation of other manufactured and industrial components to create explosives and fireworks.
Hey dude, I just made a flamethrower out of PVC and ethanol. Let's go nuke that army recruiter that smiles too much like he has diabetes.
by Kamisama April 30, 2005
18 7
Any number than can be turned into a fraction, that is not undefined by having a denominator of zero, is a rational number.
5/0 is not a rational number. 0/5 is.
by Kamisama May 15, 2005
18 11
MSN stands for Microsoft Network. This was a network that branched out into many different online apllications such as chatrooms, messenging services, ISP, and email (hotmail).

MSN was also an easy network to destroy with malicious hacking attacks because of the vunerabilities within the chatrooms, messenging service, ISP, and email.
Simply put, back in teh dae i used wkps.exe "microsoft word processor (windows me)" and changed the font to symbol, thus then typing up curse words or screennames other people had or i wanted, and then copied and pasted to the website/chatroom to register a nick or bypass the chatroom bots by then displaying a curseword upon the chatscreen making everyone think i'm leet.
by Kamisama May 01, 2005
10 2
Extending something.

Often a good way to notice elongation is when someone adds extra letters to word.
Me: Did you remember to grab the cash
Jessica: Oops...
Me: NoooooooooOOooOoOOoOoOOoOoOooOoO!
by Kamisama July 25, 2005
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A word combining vigilante and evangelist that means a vigilante who does justice in the name of God as they see fit.
People who do drugs are sinners and yet the government does not use their power to take down the corrupt america that exists. Therefore, I shall destroy it myself.
by Kamisama May 12, 2005
3 5
The most annoying mother fucking thing to set up for linux if no one knows about version 1.2 for broadcom.
ME: How do I set up my wireless broadcom 802.11 b/g network adapter card on Knoppix?

irc.freenode.net: Uhh.. I don't think you can do that with broadcom...
by Kamisama August 20, 2005
3 6
A corporation that made many drugs that had awful side effects on people. This company is famous for turning patients into human guniea pigs so that the bad side effects they recieve decide if the medicine stays on the market or not.

One of these pills are Paxil a type of medicine that put psychotic and suicidal thoughts into the patients that took it.

Not only Paxil but other drugs such as Asprin which gave people heart problems.
Poor Ashley felt dead inside as she smashed and broke glass windows with her bloody fist because of this new medicine from Pfizer.
by Kamisama May 29, 2005
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