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Sigma alpha mu at the U (university of miami). Simply a fuckin good time. Most are good at spending money, getting fucked up, and fucking the hot bitches of SDT, DG, AD pi, as well as any hot bitches not included in these groups. The fraternity is nationally known as a jewish frasternity but this is not so at miami, and even though it is heavely jewish, we are not cheap, hang with us fuckers for a good time you probably won't remember. We dont need any stupid catch phrase or any cockiness, we just do it up.
Sigma alpha mu enoug said
by Kaminsk May 08, 2006
kid is more into the gange than anyone you know, thats a guarantee, the true conosour of the group, this kid takes appreciation for evry batch and every nug of every batch. hang out with him n some bud n ull learn somethin
other: yo spiegs this is some nice bud.

spieg: nice, this is FIRE, its some of the best nug ull ever see, see those orange hairs, nd the crystals, oh my god! its so crystally man, i can;t wait we are guna be so high

other: iight lets hit that shit up in a nice blunt

spieg: hold on lemme look at it for a lil first

...... 3 hrs.... blunt

by Kaminsk May 08, 2006

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