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Synonymous with "man thong". A combination of "dick" and "bikini".
Cindy: Wow, Steve does not have enough package to be rocking that dickini. Not a good move.
by Kamikaze Kool-Aid Man November 29, 2010
A person who is off-the-charts brilliant and insanely devoted to studying.
Poindexter hasn't seen sunlight all week. All that academiac does is read his stupid dictionary.
by Kamikaze Kool-Aid Man October 20, 2010
An addictive electronic program or device that absorbs the intelligence and creativity out of people.
Man, I got so dumb after a year of using Youtube every day. It's no wonder I have straight C's after watching that brain fungus.
by Kamikaze Kool-Aid Man October 01, 2010
The inability to communicate due to intoxication from drinking beer. A combination of "incoherent" and "beer."
GUY 1:Dude, I knew Steve was incobeerent when he tried to

spell "apple" with prime numbers.

GUY 2: Yeah man, he really needs to lay off the sauce.
by Kamikaze Kool-Aid Man September 29, 2010
Various irritants that descend upon humans and plague them during the fall season. A combination of "fall" and "allergies."
I'm expecting the worst when the 1st round of fallergies hits me.
by Kamikaze Kool-Aid Man October 04, 2010
A euphemism for defecating inspired by the Loch Ness Monster. Similar to "dropping off the kids at the pool", yet with a Scottish flair.
Scotsman 1: Good gracious I had a lot to eat last night!

I've got to drop a nessie in the loch!

Scotsman 2: Sounds like a plan, laddie.
by Kamikaze Kool-Aid Man September 29, 2010
An obnoxious frat boy who hangs out with the boys way too much. Combination of "frat" and "fanatic".
Frat Guy 1: Dude, Johnson is a total fratnatic. He needs to

meet some ladies.

Frat Guy 2: Agreed. He's been having a little too much bro

by Kamikaze Kool-Aid Man September 30, 2010
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