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The inability to communicate due to intoxication from drinking beer. A combination of "incoherent" and "beer."
GUY 1:Dude, I knew Steve was incobeerent when he tried to

spell "apple" with prime numbers.

GUY 2: Yeah man, he really needs to lay off the sauce.
by Kamikaze Kool-Aid Man September 29, 2010
A person who is off-the-charts brilliant and insanely devoted to studying.
Poindexter hasn't seen sunlight all week. All that academiac does is read his stupid dictionary.
by Kamikaze Kool-Aid Man October 20, 2010
Various irritants that descend upon humans and plague them during the fall season. A combination of "fall" and "allergies."
I'm expecting the worst when the 1st round of fallergies hits me.
by Kamikaze Kool-Aid Man October 04, 2010
Quite possibly the most diabolical variety of villain on the planet, due to his evilness.
I thought I knew evil until I met Dr. Darkness. That evillain makes an arsonist look like the founder of a children's hospital.
by Kamikaze Kool-Aid Man October 01, 2010
An obnoxious frat boy who hangs out with the boys way too much. Combination of "frat" and "fanatic".
Frat Guy 1: Dude, Johnson is a total fratnatic. He needs to

meet some ladies.

Frat Guy 2: Agreed. He's been having a little too much bro

by Kamikaze Kool-Aid Man September 30, 2010
When someone sits on their ass for too long. Not to be confused with exercise.
Dexter, World of Warcraft has kept you butt boarding far too long. Go meet some girls.
by Kamikaze Kool-Aid Man September 30, 2010
A euphemism for defecating inspired by the Loch Ness Monster. Similar to "dropping off the kids at the pool", yet with a Scottish flair.
Scotsman 1: Good gracious I had a lot to eat last night!

I've got to drop a nessie in the loch!

Scotsman 2: Sounds like a plan, laddie.
by Kamikaze Kool-Aid Man September 29, 2010

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