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Acronym for "Fucked Up Beyond Belief" similar to FUBAR, but FUBB usually refers strictly to computers and other technology items.
John tried to fix his CD player by himself, now it is FUBB.
by Kalisiin December 08, 2011
An irrational measure of time that is based on no man's reality, Windows time constantly changes values and bears no resemblance to reality. Basically, time on a sliding scale.
Husband (on cell phone) - Don't worry, honey, I am coming to get you, I'll be there in 10 minutes.

Wife - Is that real time or Windows Time?
by Kalisiin January 07, 2011
An especially long and loud anal eruption of putrid gas, brought on by sudden physical stress, such as bending to lift a heavy object.
My mom was bending over to lift a large sofa, when she suddenly blew a stress fart. I could not believe it, I'd never heard my mom fart before!!
by Kalisiin February 10, 2012
A fart blown in retaliation for someone else's fart blown previously...the revenge fart is blown in the vicinity of the previous offender to get even with them for their earlier fart.
Dave blew a fart at our card game a couple hours ago, so, later on, at the party, I stood near Dave and blew a revenge fart.
by Kalisiin June 05, 2011
1. A line of about 8 cars following a slow-moving piece of farm equipment, like a tractor, which is using the road.

2. Often referred to by locals as "traffuck."
Jeff: "Sorry I'm late for my appointment, doctor, but I got caught in a rural traffic jam."
by Kalisiin November 06, 2011
The itchy, annoying, smelly, totally unnecessary sweat that builds up in your asscrack, just above your asshole (where you'd grow a tail if you had one) - usually on hot days, or after strenuous physical exercise - or all the time on fat people.
I wish they'd come up with an anti-perspirant specifically for crack sweat!
by Kalisiin February 25, 2011
A wussy who freaks out at even so much as a quarter-inch of snow.
Some snow panickers lose all their fear, however, on Friday or Saturday nights.
Boss: Where's Bob?

Employee Jack: He called in, said he couldn't make it in today, the weather was too bad.

Boss: There's barely a quarter-inch of snow out there!

Employee Jack: Yeah, Chief, I know...Bob is a snow panicker.
by Kalisiin January 09, 2011

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