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A glam goth is a person who combines current goth styles with high street fashion. They switch baggy bondage trousers for high waisted leather shorts, and rupped tops for black sequined tops. They may still wear goth boots, or simply high heels. There dominant colour is still black, but they add a little sparkle to it.
People like-Dita Von teese may come under glam goth
But glam goth mainly covers people such as the motley crue.
Goth: She's not a goth
Glam: She's not glam
Goth: what is she?
Glam: i think they call them..glam goths?
Goth: pshh as if that can ever happen
Glam Goth: shut up, i've seen Marilyn Manson, cradle of filth and nightwish live
Goth: :O
Glam: Yep..glam goths can happen
by KaliGoth October 19, 2010

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