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Hindu Goddess of death and destruction; also of childhood drems and wishes.
Calcutta, India has many people who worship Kali.
by Kali February 01, 2004
A group of ravers "cuddling" at a rave
I was in a cuddle puddle... it was much fun.
by Kali July 17, 2004
A girl who likes to ride that dick all night long and moans with excitement!
Last night, i was the ultimate cowgirl.....he couldn't get enough!
by Kali November 22, 2004
The chain of men in the most perverse positions with the end man packing it in the buttocks.
While John is laying on the floor watching the Chapelle Show, Doug is doing a handstand over John, deep throating him and fingering the buttocks all while Vince is giving Doug a Yankee, spraying the gism all over his own face like Jenna Jameson and pumping his own self in and out of Doug's butt while wearing a sombrero and shouting at the top of his lungs....UGA UGA UGA
by Kali April 10, 2004
You are an awesome guy! I know Tj is wrong, and I'm hoping that we will last! I love you so much!!
I love you more then anything in this world!
by Kali January 05, 2005
Someone who has what every girl wants-in all the right places ;).....but only one girl can have.
Kali loves the Grizz she has.
by Kali November 10, 2004
A fox.
Derived from the foxy Kali Knowles.
Kali is such a flippin fox!
by kali January 08, 2005

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