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1. Hopeless, awful, regrettable, sad, totally desperate, calamitous, in style of tragedy, FUBAR, when things are not good.

2. A trading card game taking off Magic:the gathering. Originated in Fallout 2?

3. A witty insult. Aimed at those who suck even though they try so hard, those people just dont like, and those who copy others to be popular.

4. A homosexual/drag queen reference.
1. Oh, isn't it tragic how quickly we have given up so many of our liberties for more "security".

2. Wooz the bartender: There was this disembodied head right. And it floated thru hell right. And it was on fire. Hahaha. Want to play a game of Tragic?

PowerArmor Suited Kicking Rpg player: No way wooz man, i'm goona steal that pack of Tragic cards right off you as soon as we stop talking.

3. To over stereotyped archetype : "Hey man like you are so tragic, stop trying to be like that guy."

4. "Poof the tragic drag queen."
by Kalgy July 26, 2003

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