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Whiteboy fetish - n. Pertaining usually to women of minority decent (eg. Asian women) who only date whiteboys.
Blank Kim,Lee,Hu, (Fill in your asian last name) is (fill in your asian minority), yet she only dates whiteboys, I think she has the whiteboy fetish.
by Kale March 29, 2006
Whitey McWhite - n. refers to White people
Congress is made up of 100% Whitey McWhite
by Kale March 29, 2006
the feeling of being sonic seven up. or it could be like sonic seven up the really good weed. the feeling of being sonically seven upped
whoa guys, im really seven upped right now... ya man, sonic!
by kale September 27, 2003
A winzipped file of counter strike used when a person does not have a CD
by kale June 02, 2003
Five O - n. its very simple this word = THE POLICE!
The Five O likes to beat on minorities.
by Kale March 29, 2006
the hoods - n. neighborhoods, burrows, territories that we come from.

ironically it can also mean - n. the KKK, the mutha fucking clan, whitey Mcwhite, ignorant racist people.
Yo I always remember where I came from...the hoods.

Yo lets bounce there's too may "hoods" here.
by Kale March 29, 2006
Wife Beater - n. A white sleaveless tang-top that men wear.
Underneath mike's shirt he wears a wife beater.
by Kale March 29, 2006
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