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Someone on the Xbox game "Halo", who sits and waits for the invisibility upgrade to respawn, and wont play without it.
What the!? I just got owned by that invisible camo n00b AGAIN!!
by Kal-EL777 May 11, 2008
Originating from the typical gamer insult "n00b", n00bet is doubly insulting because the speaker is not only calling the receiver a n00b, but he is also calling him a GIRL n00b.
Spartan 117: Ha ha! I owned you n00b!!!!11!
Spartan 007: Whatever! You got 4 kills n00bet!!
by Kal-EL777 May 12, 2008
An old beat-up car that's rusting, blows smoke, and has dints and bangs all over it.
Dude, where did you get that old tank? The junk yard?
-My grandfather gave it to me.
by Kal-EL777 May 11, 2008
Someone who repetitively uploads stupid videos to the Internet. Specifically YouTube.
"Dude, check out my new video on YouTube!"
"That video is so stupid, you're such a n00btube."
by Kal-EL777 May 11, 2008
To brag or gloat about ones self.
Mike: I've gotten 100% on every test I've ever taken.
Jeff: Oh, get over yourself and stop whaling it!
by Kal-EL777 May 12, 2008
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