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A cuddling term used when spooning where the person in back wraps their top arm around the other person, about at the waist. This resembles a seat belt, or safety belt.

This is most common coupled with spaghettiing and they make a perfect, relaxing pair.
K: How was last night with Johnny?
C: Amazing. After everything we cuddled, and I got to wear my safety belt *winks*
K: I love it when my boyfriend does that to me!
by Kakillia February 25, 2011
Spaghetti, or Spaghettiing, is the act of twirling one's hair around one's hand or finger's, similar to the way one might twirl spaghetti on a fork.

This may be done with one's own hair, or someone else's hair. Easily done when cuddling and can be paired with a safety belt.
K: My boyfriend never plays with my hair
C: That sucks. I love when mine spaghettis my hair... it feels so good!
K: I know... very relaxing.
by Kakillia February 25, 2011
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