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Kaitlin's boyfriend, or just a name to call people and see what they see.
Hey what's up doodle?
by Kaitlin December 17, 2003
A sweet ass person; slang for "Leigh Bublitz" Mainly punk, but u know deep down she loves rap. Symomyms : mastapeice, punk, kaitlins friend.
"Leelee u fine girl, god created a mastapeice."
by kaitlin March 08, 2005
the girls who inhabit my school; whores, sluts, skanks, ass holes, annoying and stupid, hated, yet popular in my school?!?!?!?!?
look at that skirt, it so short, she's such a j.a.p.!
by kaitlin April 19, 2005
A five pointed star with a circle around it. positive when right side up, with one point on top. That is a penticle. A stanic sign when upside down, two points ontop. it represents a goat head.
1) wow nice penticle!
2) Cradle of filth always uses a pentagram on their wallpaper! They are so satanic! But i dont care, I love them!
3) "What's with the pentagram? Are you satanic?" "maybe *wink* "
by Kaitlin October 12, 2005
a combination of "lol" and "cool" to indicate that something is funny and cool all at the same time
While thinking about her trip, the word "lool" came to Kaitlin's mind.
by Kaitlin May 08, 2003
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