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crazy,insanity has finally reached this person.he is too extreme(acording to lorgat)
oy bhaduur come here ...you is too intense for me
bhad: oy Pudu bhad bhud bud bd
by Kais.Patel December 07, 2007
corperal bhad ...bhad is the term for for, people a&sowners and have a nokia 8600 lunar and always brag about it
hows it goin corp ..long time no see... whats the lunar sayin?
by Kais.Patel December 07, 2007
a female character who has extreme pleasures sitting next to the radiator and then complains that it is too cold .
but overall is a sensationally nice person.aka...anyone that looks like a luli chukri ..in other words a sensationally small girl
him: sensation shutup!

Her: but why ?

Him: because it does not smell sensationally nice.
by Kais.Patel December 07, 2007

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