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short for "nippleslip". When a female nipple or at least the areola is showing, its called a nipslip.
Paris Hiltons nipple showed again, she had a nipslip.
by Kaipo December 05, 2006
German word for Tramp stamp meaning something like "ass-antlers", because its slang, chicks don't like it though.
She's a sleazy bitch from Marzahn, she even got herself a Arschgeweih.
by Kaipo December 11, 2006
actually doesn't exist, its "achtung" meaning "attention" in German.
"actung!actung!mien fuhrer..zee britsh have bombed zee woltsvaghens!!"

is wrong too. Correct spelling would be:" Achtung! Achtung! Mein Fuehrer.. Die Briten haben die Volkswagen zerbombt!!" which makes no sense at all.

by Kaipo December 05, 2006
German for the spanish word cohones, but in Berlin Slang (Berlin, the German capital). Meaning testicles, balls, nuts. Normally said in reference to someones bravery or "guts"
"Der Bengel hat rischde Cojonen!" which means in english "That Kid's got some balls"
by Kaipo December 11, 2006
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