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8 definitions by Kaido Creme Puff (sophie gamache)

when your wearing a pad and you feel a goop of your uterus insides slid out of you
Sally: I just got a period bubble, son of a bitch!
336 115
in japanese it means "highway" but it can also be a name for a generalized Aries, a very strong, bold, natural born leader, loving, perverted, is only serious when someone dies.
Our troop leader is soo Kaido!
23 4
when you stick your ass over the toilet and wiggle it to get the little peice that usually your 69 partner finds when your ass is in there face
Jack: Sally, before we 69 go canjangle so we can avoid what happened last time
5 2
it means below the heavens
sub= means below like sub zero temperatures ether= another name from heaven

we are merely subether
3 5
a description such as "feeling bleh today"
"Girlfriend, you look hoytz in that dress!"
0 2
a generalized loser, freak, punk, squirt, short stuff, bitch cake or you
Sophie: "Hey Ben take me to the movies."
Ben: "Bope! Piss off!"
1 10
when you use a tampon in your ass to suck up all the cum after anal sex
Phyllis:Honey I'll be right back, it was great but I need an ass tampon
13 33