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A person who mindlessly follows trends.
I'm not a fad zombie; I won't wear/do something just because my friends/the cool people do.
#trendy #fashion slave #fashion whore #sheep #lemming
by Kaichi Satake June 24, 2006
(noun) A person whose beliefs or actions seem designed to purposely prevent the realization of Darwin's theory of evolution through natural selection. A nanny-activist who wants to save fools from themselves, instead of letting them be weeded out of the gene pool by natural selection. Anti-Darwinism.
Only an anti-Darwinist would insist that a chainsaw come with a label to warn users of the dangers of licking the chain while it's in motion.
#anti-darwinism #nanny-activist #nanny-activism #savior of fools #idiot protector
by Kaichi Satake June 24, 2006
(noun) A person who engages in political activism in order to encourage laws to protect people from themselves, such as the laws that have required hair dryers to be tagged with warnings about the possibility of electrocution if the appliance is used in the bathtub, or warnings on food blenders stating the dangers of sticking one's finger into the spinning blades.

Also, Nanny-activism: (noun) The state of being a nanny-activist. Also, the actions, themselves.
A nanny-activist group in California is now lobbying for the state to require warnings on fast-food french fry containers and advertisements for same, which state that eating too many greasy french fried potatoes is bad for you.
#mother hen #anti-darwinist #control freak #overprotective busybody #mothering meddler #babying buttinsky
by Kaichi Satake June 24, 2006
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