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A disease in which the muscles contract and bones twist in every which way. This disease is exemplified clearly in the cartoon show Futurama in the episode name "The 80's Guy".
I couldn't find the video as an example, but I will quote the guy.

80's guy- "Fry, I'm an 80's guy. Friendship to me means that for 2 bucks I'll beat you with a pool cue till you got detached retinas. The deal will go ahead as ~CRACK~ ~CRACKLE~ UGH!!!! CRUNCH CRACK (and so on). MY BONES! (everyone gasps)"


80's guy- "I was so busy being an 80's guy that I forgot to cure it. CRRRRACKLE! My only regret..... is that I have... bonitis. (final crackling to death dies)"
by KageNoShibou December 23, 2007
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