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a really hot guy. most likly appears girly. long perfect hair (no split ends or anything like that),no facial hair, slender build, pale skin, beautiful eyes (large) that seem expresive but are really hiding a lot of things (like pain or sadness). quite, socialable, doesn't really date people, smart, agile, dangerous yet sexy as all get out. does fight but not hand to hand(prefers to fight with whips, guns and that sort of thing so that blood does not get on them. but we would not have it any other way.)smiles at people but it is a small sad (or polite) smile.
think: Kurama(yu yu hakusho)
EX: OHHH Kurama, I just love what you have done with your hair!!!!!
by Kage Kaze Kitsune September 21, 2004
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