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8 definitions by Kaemmer

When one snorts obscenely large amounts of cocaine and it gets all up under/over their grill.
dude1: hey watch it, there's a cop coming, wipe off your cocaine 'stache
by Kaemmer October 20, 2006
22 8
The immaculate process in which one gets thoroughly owned in traffic ie: 486 car pile up
Pothead: whoa, i just put my car through my neighbor's livingroom, bedroom, third floor, and his doghouse.
Pothead2: wow, metrowned
by Kaemmer October 16, 2006
10 0
The hunter trap in WoW over used in duels to freeze an opponent and shoot them in the back an watch them die.
Hunter:OMFG Freeze traped n00b!
Opponent: -_-*
by Kaemmer October 23, 2006
3 0
havin' a smear of crack over one's mouth/ under one's nose
get coke streak, get cuffed
by Kaemmer October 20, 2006
3 0
general response as "i don't believe you."
-acronym for Fuck Yeah Dope Is The Shit-
Guy: Dude!I just saw a nie-foot tall pink unicorn!
Chick: yeah i saw it too, fydits
by Kaemmer October 17, 2006
2 1
To control someone through obscure lines of logic or salesman techniques
dude1:I went in to return the damn car and the fucking shit mind fucked me into leasing another five!
by Kaemmer October 23, 2006
23 23
see cocaine 'stache, when one has a severly bad case of smeared coke all over a person's mouth and nose
dude1: I noticed your cousin was a user
dude2: how'd ya guess
dude1: he had one nasty geezer grill
by Kaemmer October 20, 2006
2 2