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A game of tag played with food in a fridge (preferably unwanted food), often played in college dorms.

1. Player no. 1 takes container of unwanted food (say, yogurt pretzels), writes the rules on it, and signs it.
2. Player no. 1 places the food and container in someone else's fridge (make sure they have a sense of humor and would be willing to pass it on -- like a suitemate or friend).
3. Player no. 2 signs it, and passes it on.
4. NO TAG BACKS. (Unless you want to).

Eventually it'll get thrown out or someone will eat it.
1. "Where did this bag of yogurt pretzels come from?"

"Larry from down the hall put it there."
"Do you want it?"
"No, fridge tag someone else with it."

Also, see Dream Tag
by Kael Asmodeus November 26, 2011
A game of tag played with (but not necessarily within) dreams; player no. 1 dreams about another person -- player no. 2 -- and then that player dreams about the same person again, or another person.

Much like fridge tag, but in dreams.
"Hey Maxx! I had a dream about you last night. Dream tag, you're it!"
by Kael Asmodeus November 26, 2011

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