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During a fight or an altercation, if one of the participants is knocked unconcious the victor (or a spectator) places a wallet in the victims mouth so as to prevent him from choking on his own tongue. Usually after getting wallet mouthed the victor ends up getting a free victory fuck from the loser's girlfriend.
He got wallet mouthed after talking trash to an arabian bear fighter. Subsequently Alex's girlfriend couldn't walk straight for a week.
by Kadoo34 October 19, 2009
Any girl you fuck on the side besides your girlfriend.
The old bar down the street is good for huntin side slash if your ever bored with your girl.
by Kadoo34 November 14, 2009
A house that has the sole purpose for having girls over and fucking them. Usually crush pads have very minimal furniture and decorations and are located in quiet neighborhoods so as to not draw any attention.
Example 1: Jill knew she was in a crush pad and knew what was about to go down when she went to Steve's house after their first date dinner and there was only a sofa, bed and tv in the bedroom.

Example 2:

Charles: "Hey bro I heard you got a new place how are you settling in."
Dave: Oh bro I'm already done with the place just set my bed up, 2 chairs and a tv. Fridge is full of beer and liquor.
Charles: Sounds like a bad ass crush pad bro.
Dave: No doubt it is.
by Kadoo34 February 09, 2014

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