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The hottest thing in the universe
with amazing lips
If men were steak, he would be filet mingon
"A more attractive baseball player. Lol. With good lips"
"His name is _______. His lips are like Brendon Urie's"
"Lie. HUGE LIE! no lips are like urie lips"
"No seiously. They're AMAZING"
"Who the hell is this imaginary person?"
"Not imaginary, just hot"
by Kadie-Lee May 30, 2008
The act or state of being so bored, you can't type correctly
"me= bored"
"me=most borest"
"what's borest?"
by Kadie-Lee May 17, 2008
Although, seemingly impossible
There are some pregnant mules out there
Why is that significant?
Well, mules aren't supposed to be able to get pregnant.
It's nature's way of saying "This isn't right, so I'm stopping it."
Well, some way or another, there are pregnant mules, alive and breathing, even as you read this..
Be afraid....
Be VERY afraid
"So guess what I found out."
"There's a pregnant mule in Wyoming"
*Dramatic silence*
"Pregnant Mules Will Attack You In Your Sleep, Then Take Over The World!!!!!!"
*Runs away screaming*
by Kadie-Lee May 20, 2008
Although believed to be an outfit for swimming, it isn't
Technically, it is a SUIT for bathing
But do you know anyone who bathes in suit?
That's what i thought.
The term "bathing suit" is politically incorrect
While we're on the subject, so is your face
"I don't know about you, but I personally bathe in the nude so I don't know what you're asking us to do"
"No,like a bathing suit"
"Who wears a suit when they take a shower?"
"No, like to go to the beach"
"You want me to bathe at the beach?!?!"
"In front of everyone?"
"Okay, everyone in the back, and line up"
"That's just a little bit nasty"
by Kadie-Lee May 30, 2008
The newest and coolest form of LMAO
*grammar police enter*
"That word is outdated!"
"Use Leymayo!"
*All smile happily*
by Kadie-Lee May 17, 2008

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