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A form of words used in a captcha on YouTube when they still had bulletins. Meaning Possibilities:

1.) Emos who express themselves through not only cutting, but biting.

2.) A phrase to say when you have nothing else to say.

3.) A threat/insult which can eventually lead to physical fights

4.) A random and completely off topic word to create a diversion.
Girl #1: So, what's going on?
Girl #2: Wha?
Girl #1: You're acting weird. Are you planning something?
Girl #2: Huh?
Girl #1: Just say i-
Girl #2: Emotbitiest!
Girl #1: Wait, what?
Girl #2: How about them waffles? *walks off*
Girl #1: Wha?


Dude #1: Emobitiest!
Dude #2: Eh?
Dude #1: You Emobitiest!
Dude #2: I do not bite emos.
Dude #1: Or do you?
Dude #2: *tackles Dude #1*
by Kacey Shanton November 03, 2009

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