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2 definitions by Kaare

Adj. Almost dauntingly incomparable awesomeness that is so formidable in wonder, it is often mind-blowing, overwhelming or frighteningly hairy.
"I can't believe how incredible that was! Zomg, it was Brettacular!"

"That was so Brettacular it was Krisalicious!"
by Kaare August 17, 2006
2 2
Noun. An expression of extreme shock, surprise or sarcasm used primarily in internet or Romanized 1337 speak. A variant of the acronym for “oh my god.” A Z can be added at the end for further exclamation.
“Zomg, I hate you so much right now.”
Lol, zomg that’s ridiculous!”
by Kaare August 18, 2006
13 46