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1)Totally pimped
3)Two nuts that sprout a third
4)All the guys want it
5)So sexy it burns
1)Omigosh! That is so linwe.
2)That is the most linwe person on Earth!
4)I want linwe from that chick...
5) HOLY SHIAT! Stoping linwaying me!
by KaYbizzLe March 31, 2004
RULE: Only kewl, pimped, old skewl hawties can use this word.

1: Totally hot
2: Insane
3: A sex change
1: His -censored- is sooo safoi! OHHH MY GAWD.
2: Your car is safoi, dude.
3: The monkey hates his big ass boobs so he wants to get a safoi.
by KaYbizzLe March 31, 2004
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