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3 definitions by KaByakuya

The shipping or pairing of Sokka and Suki from the cartoonime Avatar: The Last Airbender. It's the most popular Sokka shipping and is mostly favored by zutarians. It is a cannon pairing
Random person: I just read a Sukka fan-fic! It was set after boiling rock.
by KaByakuya May 25, 2009
It translates to White Night, meaning the artic nights that are light outside during certain seasons.
The Byakuyas in the artic are so amazing!
by KaByakuya May 26, 2009
Can be used as a greeting, or as an expression of happiness. Sometimes followed by the word hotman.
Person greeting another person: Flamio hotman

Person: And I heard (insert awesome singer here) is going to preform at the party
Person 2: Flamio!
by KaByakuya May 27, 2009