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Horrible song by the gay singer Hilary Duff.
Also, something said when something is out of style
Kung-Fu Jesus is so yesterday!
by Ka August 29, 2004
A dance that preps who dont know the nirvana song, smells like teen spirit, do. It is actually fun to do.

To do this dance, hop around in a circle on one foot and yell, SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT! repeatedly.
Katie did the smells like teen spirit dance, and me and Stephen, huge nirvana fans, cracked up and imitated her.
by ka June 21, 2004
1)Person that causes controversy.
2)Someone who kills their rock star legend husband
3)Ex Stripper who is, in fact, a whore.
Well thats my opinion...im sure some (retarded!) person out there likes her.
Recommend For Deletion:
Lyk omg courtneyy didnt kill kirt cas kurrt was sucideal!eleven111! coutney is inocent!!one!!11!1

by Ka January 25, 2005
See Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, and Tom Delonge (yes he is a pretty good guitarist for a pop-punk band).
Kurt and Tom are sexy guitarists. Jimi is just plain amazing.
by Ka August 09, 2004
The best song ever. Also known as The Sweater Song. By a little band known as Weezer. (Weezer is NOT an emo band. you fucktards who think they are...)
If you want to destroy my sweater
Pull thread as I walk away
Watch me unravel, I'll soon be naked
Lying on the floor, lying on the floor
I've come undone
by Ka January 27, 2005
Littler known bass player in the band Nirvana.
Cooler, hotter, better guy than Kurt Cobain
by Ka January 21, 2005
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