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A word that half the bands ever have had in one of their song names
Holiday-Green Day
Holiday in the Sun-Sex Pistols
Holiday-Unwritten Law
by Ka May 01, 2005
Kurt Cobain. Or a Foo Fighters song about Kurt.
There goes my hero, watch him as he goes
There goes my hero, he's ordinary!
by Ka October 14, 2004
Slang for "pussy", as in a woman's genitalia or a cat.
My poosey is shedding.
by Ka August 04, 2003
A badass web forum specifically for fans of the band The Mars Volta. Has many sections, including one for At the Drive-in, which was 3 members of The Mars Volta's previous band.
"Where did you get that badass picture of The Mars Volta?"
"The Comatorium, duh!"
by Ka October 17, 2005
to have succeeded in reaching first base and above with a person of opposite sex.
You're in there with that bird mate
by KA August 28, 2003
Second only to god. Guitarist/vocalist for a band called nirvana. killed by his evil wife courtney love.
And when i say killed, i mean either drove him to the point of insanity, making him want to die, or hired a hitman to drug him up and kill him.
by Ka August 19, 2004
used instead of the word "word", which has often been used as an exclimation or a replacement for a curse word. often used by stoners and/or gangster white boys
"Phrase Up!"

or perhaps

"Phrase to you mother"

or if you're feeling really extremem

"Phrase dog that is one phraseilicious ride you got there homie"
by KA February 08, 2005

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