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5 definitions by KYKY

SweetHeart, Sweetest Person. Very Kind and Loving. Always trying to get along with everyone.
Zoey is so Sweet. I <3 Zoey!
by KyKy July 14, 2003
773 321
Christian band that pioneered the rock-rap sound, unbeknowest to most. Had a major influence on such bands as Limp Bizkit, Korn, and POD.
Let me tell you something. I just heard the new Free at Last record by DC Talk.
by kyky October 20, 2003
113 20
Our Leader
All must commit to respecting Fraune
by KYKY February 25, 2013
36 0
A hero. A legend. A Prodigy. The most interesting man in the world.
All hail and respect our leader, Bill Fountain.
by KYKY March 01, 2013
25 0
A word that is used to describe a close friend or brother.
Used in an expression of hello.
Much like the word "sucka"
"Yo! What's up shucka!?"
by KyKy May 27, 2006
21 7