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To stand in an outdoor area near a cut through or passage around a fence, building, or other physical barrier for the purpose of selling recreational pharmaceuticals. Standing posted in the cut enables the entrepeneur selling said recreational pharmaceuticals to quickly escape if law enforcement approaches as the law enforcement officers' vehicles will hindered by the barrier
Tyrone: Yo, whassup?
Jamal: Nothin' man. Just posted in the cut trying to make some dollar bills, yo.
Tyrone: You better watch out man, I just saw some undercovers around the way.
Jamal: Thanks, Dawg.
by KY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy December 15, 2006
derogatory name for firefighter
My uncle spent thirty years as a hose dragger with the FDNY.
by KY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy December 15, 2006
Verb. A specific derivative of drinking the kool aid that refers to the tendency of left- wing activists to blindly follow their leaders and ideological beliefs without any appreciation for reality or opposing points of view. Persons who are drinking the bong water will often attach themselves to liberal causes or pursuits that don't have a snowball's chance in Hades of achieving victory.
Dave: Well, it looks like my sister is drinking the bong water again.
Trevor: How so?
Dave: She's signed up to be a volunteer for Dennis Kuicnich's 2008 campaign.
Trevor: Silly hippie.
by KY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy December 15, 2006

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