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3 definitions by KWSN

Musician whose music has the incredible power to get just about anyone in the world laid. See also:

Isaac Hayes

Mark Knopfler

Marvin Gaye
by KWSN April 27, 2003
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One who follows the beliefs of Zevonism, the belief that Warren Zevon is God and that, quoting from the Zevonist bible, "Shit's all fucked up right now, but when Zevon dies, it's all going to get un-fucked up, cause Zevon's gonna be back in his domain and shit to rule shit... shit."

The center of this religion is a small house on Long Island that all Zevonists refer to as the Monestary. Actually, the only person who refers to it as the monestary is the guy who lives there. This is in part due to the fact that he is the only person who practices Zevonism in the world. He hopes to spread his beliefs to others, but no one listens to him because he's a crazy dumbass.
"You know that Zevonist guy?"
"Yeah, he's a crazy dumbass."
by KWSN April 27, 2003
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A small, fluffy magical baby seal, whose name, when said, comes out to be something along the lines of "Papo" because people say it very, very fast. It is also used to end very long pauses in conversations.
"Am my thread on teh TFP be teh win?"
(long pause)
by KWSN April 27, 2003
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