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A "racist" term that applies to typical Pakistanis (referring to their worth and current stage of evolution)
That Paki dog has 35 children with his sister and claims he doesn't receive enough from the federal government.
by KVS21 June 17, 2008
A non-sand nigger that dates a sand nigger, male or female, but more often female. Commonly referred to as:degeneracy. See also jungle fever and bamboo fever.

Sand fever like bamboo and jungle fever, is a mental illness that results from excessive viewing of MTV, VH1, BE and/or other degenerate television programs. However, it is highly treatable. In the most extreme cases of sand fever (degeneracy), Zyklon-B has been known to be used. Other methods which work just as effectively include fire, torture, and castration.
The white female dating the sand nigger struggled from excessive sand fever (degeneracy).
by KVS21 June 17, 2008
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