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2 definitions by KTWHIT

Ok so basically out of all these definitions there are PIECES and i mean PIECES as in parts of the definition that's correct. Yeah, the kids at New Trier typically reside from well-off families, but the dirt rich, burning money just for fun mentality is wrong. People do come from families that hold a certain amount of wealth but it should not be conceived that EVERYONE has SO much endless money. The idea that ALL the kids drive BMWs and hit up Daddys ATM whenever they do so please is not the complete norm for all the kids. A fair portion come from middle class/upper-middle class families, and one should not stereotype the whole entire student body as ridiculously rich. However, on the other hand one should not go as far to say that New Trier flat out sucks at life, since the school is well respected. But if you read all these definitions they were probably written by who else than NEW TRIER KIDS...umm bias much? Yeah, of course they're going to inflate the image and make it sound like some type of fairy land and those who are "less fortunate" should feel honored that these great NT people are taking time out of their busy rich filled day to write a review ON THEIR OWN SCHOOL. See my point? In all honesty, it is not all cracked up as it seems to be, this idea of a complete wealthy no-worry land is semi false and should not be viewed as anything more special as a rich community. On the other hand, what is wealth to you? If you live in say, North Chicago and see poverty day to day and enter into New Trier then yes, these definitions are probably pretty accurate. However, if you live in a well off community from say the New England area, and walk into New Trier you will say it is nothing special and maybe even a little poser-ish since New England pioneered the "prep" idea (and we all know NT is filled with colorful polos are vineyard bags). I say I should be a fairly reliable source given the fact i attended New Trier High School and who else knows the school better than a former student? No one.
North Chi kid: "New Trier? Damn got more money than God"

Exeter prep student :"New Trier? The school in the North Shore? Yeah it's nice, nothing too special though."
by KTWHIT June 21, 2008
preppy is someone who comes from a certain amount of wealth and is raised within a certain lifestyle. Although "being preppy" is often conceived as one dressing in polos and popping the collar, there are different ways to approach the idea. First off, typically, preppies lean to the conservative side never wearing anything that would by any means be provocative or sluttly. Classy, not cheap and not thrown together. Tradition not trends. True preps don't just enter the everyday mall and buy things from the mainstream chains where the business thrives on the "hot" new fashion. Old, well respected establishments is the way of life. Education is pivotal, although one does not have to attend a New England prep school to reach said status. There are exclusive suburban public high schools who are a breeding ground to the preppy lifestyle. Ergo,preps are not limited to the New England and even the Southern areas, the North Shore in Illinois is a good example of true preps outside the stereotypical locations. Some may say that preps are ALWAYS snots, but that is not ALWAYS true. Yes, some are type A snots and probably should be smacked, but some are actually caring, nice people. It's not like they are this superior race, they are like any other demographic, consisting of the brats and the down to earth. Being preppy isn't just dressing in pastels and popping the collar it's a way one lives day to day. It's a mindset, and the look a prep has is just a supplement to the pattern of life.
preppy is more than fashion, it's tradition and excellence and respectfulness and a way of life.
by KTWHIT June 20, 2008