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the coolest, hottest, most amazing actor ever!!! he plays peter in "chronicles of narnia' and he is soooo cool!

"i'm having william moseley's baby!!!!! will jr is a kicker!"
by KTKate January 12, 2006
the best soap ever!!!!! its by r. kelly. there are 12 episodes and its hiiiiiiiiilarious!!!!! so DRAMATIC!!!! its a day in the life of a guy. ets just say there's a LOT of affairs and stuff going on...it's awesome.
"my friends and i are writing our version of 'trapped in a closet'. its hilarious!"
cool kid: have you seen trapped in a closet? it was on vh1 last night!
loser kid: um...no...whats that?
by KTKate January 13, 2006

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