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KSI is an acronym for a gaming community/organization that is over 10,000 members strong. KSI stands for Knowledge Strength Integrity AND Killing Services
Incorporated. Members from this clan have gone to MLG events, and KSI has their own professional players. A common misconception is that: "If you are in KSI, you have to be good at that game." This statement is incorrect by all means. KSI has clans that welcome all gamers aged 16. and older. KSI does have pro clans in fact that you DO have to be good at to join. KSI, as a community discourages and despises cheating in any way. KSI is also a professional organization, made up of its members. KSI keeps clans well kept, and organized. KSI has a ranking structure, a uniform policy, and a GamerTag change policy to reach leadership ranks in the ranking structure. KSI, overall is a good gaming community/organization that enjoys interacting with eachother, and having fun.
1) That guy we met in matchmaking last night was in KSI.
2) That KSI guy is pretty good.
by KSI Kill Sins 7 November 06, 2007

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