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1 definition by KRed

A Girl Who Usually Looks like the following:

-Dirty Blonde Hair
- Some Sort Of Skate, Surf, Snow Trucker Hat
- Unnecessarily Big Sunglasses (white framed)
- Some dumb shade of lip stick, and too much eyeliner
- A wife beater of various colors
- Either jeans or those dumb skirt things that are usuall way to short for their ugly, knobby legs.
- Low Top Converse

They can be seen hanging with those desert dudes that go out and ride dirt bikes every weekend. The Bro Ho has never been on a Dirtbike or Quad Herself. They pretend to like beer, and precede to get drunk with the fellas. They are ugly skanks. The End
That bro ho looks like a dude
by KRed January 03, 2006