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an unshaved, unmanicured, or otherwise unkept region just south of the beltline.
"Dude, she was so hot, but when I got her back to my place and slipped her pants off... she had a wookiecrotch!"
by KRamsay November 09, 2005
the action of assigning, or passing on responsibility for a project or task to another unsuspecting person.

Although the origins of the term 'huck' are from the whitewashing the fence scene in Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer, the term 'huck' was notably coined after another one of Mark Twain's famous characters, Huck Finn, just because it sounds better.

Ron to Keith - We are going to need a model to go with this display, but both of us are way to busy to do it.

Keith to Ron - Why don't we just huck that onto Yolanda.

2) Ron just hucked this project on to me.
by KRamsay November 09, 2005

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