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Created by rearranging the letters in sapien, penisa was created to a) replace curse words and b) to refer to someone as being gay without their knowledge.(HOMO sapien) Created by two teenage girls from Virginia that became irritated with a certain kid.
"Shut the penisa up you penisan penisa!"
"haha, Justine is such a penisa"
"You are so penisa"
"that penisa should come out of the closet"
by KRLD January 01, 2009
Instead of referring to people of latin america (which technically should be spanish america...) as latina or latino, it is more accurate to refer to them as spanisha and spanisho. (respectively feminine and masculine)They speak spanish..not latin.
"that is want hot spanisha"
"I am spanisha/spanisho"
by KRLD January 02, 2009

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