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"touching of other peoples private areas"
Kelsey and her boyfriend got to second base the other day when he went up her shirt and she went down his pants.
by kristy June 30, 2003
When you go to 4th base w/ someone...you have sex
by kristy June 30, 2003
A really really cool guy
man i wish i was a rohan like that guy!
by kristy April 02, 2004
one who wears too much makeup (specifically foundation/coverup) ; in which they cover their face because they are too ugly to show their normal face . or they just use way to much makeup and it looks like you could scrape it off
1. aha you see that guy making out with cakeface over there?
2. ew shes a cakeface
3. "im trying to tell you in a nice way that you wear too much foundation..makes you look clownish and i think you are too pretty for that"
by KRiSTY August 28, 2004
lets get this straight... jukin is when a female is workin a dude to a beat wit her ass towards his shyt...
grindin is when she faces the other way n they grind they shyt togetha
in chicago we be jukin at juke parties n anywhere else

she was jukin on dude all night
by Kristy March 17, 2005
Chicago has many nicknames like the Second City (to New York), City of Big Shoulders and the Windy City. The weather sucks; it's sweltering in the summer and below zero most of the winter. The central business district (downtown) is called the Loop because the El encompasses it. Ethnic groups are spread nearly evenly throughout the city, except for the west side, which is mostly African American. We have two airports, two baseball teams, a corrupt local government and a lot of people from southern Illinois who are jealous of us. Contrary to popular belief (as seen above) the north side is not all white and the south side is not all black. Kanye West & the Smashing Pumpkins are two artists from Chicago.
Chicago is inaccurately misrepresented in this "URBAN DICTIONARY" thus far.
by Kristy November 03, 2004
Blowing on someone's belly so it makes a farty sound.
Man that zoober tickled!
by Kristy January 17, 2005
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