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156 definitions by KRHimself

The city located in central Florida. It's most known for all its attractions and theme parks. It's also been called the minimum-wage capital of the U.S. because the theme parks' employees make up a HUGE part of the city's workforce.

Home of the Orlando Magic, a team that was good until Shaq left, and average until T-Mac left. Now the team is sitting in the bottom of the standings, with no fans and even less chances of winning a title.

In other words, if it wasn't for Disney World, Orlando would be just a halfway point on I-4.
The city itself is filled with slums (see Pine Hills), but the suburbs are much more affluent (see Winter Park).
by KRHimself November 28, 2004
the type of people who talk tough online but don't want to say it in others' faces.
1: hey, you're an asshole!
2: why don't you get out of your damn chair and say it to my face?
1: uh... you suck...
2: fuck off, you internet hooligan
by KRHimself July 30, 2005
phrase used to signify dominance over someone or something.

first used by the homeless black man in Bumfights Vol. 1.
You in black territory! You in black territory! You want me to kill yo ass?
by KRHimself August 27, 2004
Kita-Q is, hands down, the best city in Japan, maybe in all of Asia.
by KRHimself August 23, 2004
An exclamation which is to be used when somebody:
1. humiliates him or herself, or
2. fails to complete a task in a spectacular, yet comical, manner.

Derived from an ex-Rangers football (soccer) player, Filip Sebo, who was an utter failure with 'ra Gers in his only season with the team.
1. A man rides his bike down the street and he fails to see the curb ahead of him. The bike slams into the curb and the man is thrown off the bike. If you are on a car and spot the incident, be sure to yell "Seeebooo! Seeebooo!" at the man.

2. You are at the beach. You and a group of friends are tossing and punching a beach ball up in the air, when one of them swings and completely misses the ball, resulting in the ball hitting the ground. This is the perfect spot to yell out "Seeebooo! Seeebooo!" at the said friend.

(Particularly effective when the person at the end of "Sebo" is in no position to say anything against it.)
by KRHimself November 02, 2007
When you do something and do it well.
He f*cked her big boy style.
by KRHimself April 17, 2004
an insult directed at a person with a hunched back. derived from the movie Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Yo Quasimodo, your shoulders sag more than an old lady's arms!
by KRHimself July 17, 2005