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156 definitions by KRHimself

Best damn video ever.
I'ma serve rocks. All day, all long.
by KRHimself April 16, 2004
66 41
See Browns.
The fans in the Dawg Pound beat the shit out of a Steelers fan.
by KRHimself December 20, 2003
36 11
see ese, dawg, and mang.
What's goin on, homes?
by KRHimself January 22, 2004
106 82
a phrase made redundant because "shiitake" means mushroom in Japanese, there for it doesn't mean "Japanese mushroom;" it actually translates into "mushroom mushroom."
1: What does shiitake mushroom mean?
2: Dude, it means "mushroom mushroom."
1: No seriously, what the fuck is shiitake??
2: Just shut your ass.
by KRHimself September 05, 2005
33 10
The most illegal, yet one of the most influential albums ever created in the music industry, created by DJ Danger Mouse.

The Grey Album was created by mixing The Beatles' "White Album" with Jay-Z's "Black Album.
The Grey Album is one of the illest albums of all time... you downloaded a copy yet?
by KRHimself June 21, 2005
35 12
the type of people who talk tough online but don't want to say it in others' faces.
1: hey, you're an asshole!
2: why don't you get out of your damn chair and say it to my face?
1: uh... you suck...
2: fuck off, you internet hooligan
by KRHimself July 30, 2005
27 5
A former member of the Spice Girls who looks like a long-lost relative of Lara Flynn Boyle. Married David Beckham, then turned him into a metrosexual god. She used Beckham to revive her sagging career, which really should have been over a long time ago. Why? Because she has even less talent than Carrot Top.
Well, there's a reason why Beckham's cheated on Posh Spice so many times.
by KRHimself October 30, 2004
110 88