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156 definitions by KRHimself

taking a shit.
see also cleveland steamer.
i'm taking the browns to the super bowl, be back in a few minutes.
by KRHimself July 24, 2004
A flat, beret-like hat that Vladimir Lenin used to wear back in the day. Still worn by Communists and non-Communists who simply like the style.
Lenin hats actually look pretty cool.
by KRHimself December 22, 2004
a phrase used very commonly by radio announcers as hurricanes pass by. it basically means "hang in there" or "be strong."
Another hurricane's coming toward Florida, so it's time for us to hunker down.
by KRHimself September 28, 2004
The most notorious neighborhood in Orlando, aka the 407.
Parramore, the only place in O-Town with more stray cats and glocks than people.
by KRHimself March 02, 2006
'idiot' in Japanese.
aho = Hanshin Tigers fans
by KRHimself May 12, 2004
The greatest fucking martial arts movie of all time.
You remember the scene in Ong bak when the dude did a cartwheel kick when his legs were on fire? That was some TIGHT shit!
by KRHimself March 07, 2006
stands for All Cops Are Bastards.
the coppers beat up on a kid holding up a sign that read "A.C.A.B."
by KRHimself October 30, 2004